We Bring

The Luxury Hotel to Your Home

At White Retreat, we firmly believe that restorative sleep is essential to our overall well-being and it helps us to make better decisions throughout the day. Though we spend at least ⅓ of our lives in bed, most people aren’t aware of the effect of good bedding on our health and overall wellbeing, let alone where to buy it.

Our mission was to bring the 5-star hotel experience to your home. Start with your night routine – from bath to bed – we’ve got you all covered. With the same luxury hotel bath essentials and crisp, cozy hotel beddings, we hope to create a space of mentally refreshing that helps relax your body and mind which eventually leads to a perfect night’s sleep.

Why Choose
White Retreat?

We are the first Malaysian brand to put together 5-star hotel bedding set by partnering with a 40-years old bedding manufacturer of luxury hotels across SEA. We hold a strong belief that restorative sleep is essential to your well-being, and it should not be elusive.

With that mission in mind, our founder went all out to unlock the secrets of the perfect night’s sleep. Just like in a 5-star suite, our pillows and duvets are made of the highest quality down and feather infill, which are ‘royalty’ among bedding materials with an equally royal price point.

To provide you with the best, we forwent the ridiculous markup, eliminated the middlemen and streamlined the distribution process, thereby enabling maximum savings and faster shipping for you.

Ever thought of bringing home that 5-star hotel bed? Well now, you can!

Relax and unwind