30-Night Trial: No Lints Attached

How Does it work?




Really. After checking out, the 30-night trial is automatically applied to your purchase for free! No sign-ups, no hidden costs, except for one thing: the 30-night trial is only applicable to ONE FULL WR Royal Bedding Set / ONE Pillow / ONE Duvet per household.




The day your purchase arrives at your door is the day the trial begins.




Down products are all-natural and require some love. Fluff your pillows and duvets once you receive them. Give them a sunbath on a dry, sunny day. For the best result, tumble dry on low heat in a dryer.

When they’re all nice and fuzzy, proceed to set up your now 5-star bed.


You get cozy for 30 nights.

It takes some time for your body to season the natural feather infills before they fluff up to their full potential. The longer you spend getting to know your new cuddle buddy, the more you’ll come to adore the fluff and plush it offers. What a great reason to stay in bed all day!


Fall in love


Over time, we’re almost 100% sure you’ll fall in love with the bedding set. If bedtime isn’t your favourite time of the day already, it will surely be now.

But… what if it’s not for me?

How do I return it ?

Step 1 : You fill up the form

Submit a request here to initiate your return.


Step 2 : You say your goodbyes and get refunded.

If you’re in WM, we’ll arrange free pickups! For EM sleepers, you’ll have to ship the bedding to our nearest warehouse. Once we confirm reception, you’ll receive a full refund via your original payment method.

Get your 30 nights trial!

Cuddle In